Saferich Tire is a state-owned tire factory in China, belongs to Shandong Energy Group. Saferich has been focusing on tire product design, research and development, quality control, tire management and etc.

The factory's annual production capacity is 20,000,000 (semi steel radial tire). 3000 square meters laboratory with world first class testing equipment, Such as german sds laser interferometer, Japan uniformity & balance testing machine and other international advanced research and experimental equipment.

Targeting high-end products, the factory adopted the most advanced equipment and machinery, Such as the netherlands vmi tire building machine, Italy wire calender, Germany troester complex production line, South korea donghe vulcanization machine and other key equipment level which make Saferich tire positioned in the forefront of the industry. The use of the world's first application of Nano material and the low temperature of the tire and high temperature nitrogen vulcanization and other advanced technology, improve the tire strength, flexibility, thermal conductivity, anti-static property and endurance performance.

Till now, the factory has passed ccc, iso9001, tsi6949, dot, ECE, the gcc, Inmetro certificate. There are almost 400 sizes in the passenger car tire range including hp, uhp, h/t, a/t, Run-flat, All season, Ltr/van tire and etc.